Homeschool Freedom Forum Imlay City

Crossroads Baptist Church | 6835 Weyer Rd., Imlay City, MI 48444


Event Details

Are you concerned about the recent calls to register and regulate homeschooling in Michigan? Join us for answers and practical ways you can engage on this important issue at our next Homeschool Freedom Forum! This free event will be held Friday at 4:30 PM at Crossroads Baptist Church, 6835 Weyer Rd., Imlay City, MI 48444.

A panel including State Rep. Jaime Greene (a homeschool mom who serves as the Minority Vice Chair for the Michigan House of Representatives), Israel Wayne (of MiCHN), Eileen McNeil (of Citizens for Traditional Values), and Katherine Bussard (of Salt & Light Global) for dynamic, empowering discussion on this important issue. Specifically, the panel will cover how you can help preserve homeschool freedom, how your parental rights are protected b law, and how to prepare and protect your family. We will also have many free print and digital resources available for attendees.

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